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Academics and researchers are welcome to use OPERAT for research studies. You can download the manual and the assessment tool from this website. In return, we ask that you complete the brief form below which requests information about yourself and your research goal. After completing and submitting the form we will email you official permission to use OPERAT that you can cite in any articles that may emanate from the research. We will also send you an SPSS syntax file that can be used to compute the OPERAT domains and total scores.

We can supply you with an SPSS syntax file to compute the OPERAT domain and total scores. The comments in the files will enable the correct specification of the data. The syntax has been developed in IBM® SPSS® Version 22 for Windows. It is probably compatible with earlier versions of SPSS, however, we have not tested this.

When you receive your .sps file open your data and confirm that the variable names and values correspond to the LABEL commands. If you have not already labelled the variables, you can select and run those commands. (View the variable list in dictionary order, not alphabetic order.) Once your data file is labelled and ordered correctly, then select the remainder of the transformation syntax commands and run in the correct order. Comments are included for information. They can be selected with the syntax, but they do not make any transformations to the data.


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If you have a batch of data which you would like to upload (for example, more than 20 results), you can send this to us in spreadsheet format (*.CSV or *.XLSX/XLS format) whereupon we can arrange for it to be imported directly into the database.