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OPERAT Scoring, Tool and Manual

Click here to download a pdf of the OPERAT manual, which provides descriptions of the items in the OPERAT assessment and how to complete the assessments. 

Click here to download a pdf of the OPERAT assessment sheet. You will need to use one sheet for each postcode area.

By searching for a postcode on the homepage map you may download a pre-populated OPERAT assessment form for that postcode.

Use the scoring sheet at the back of the OPERAT handbook to manually calculate the subscale scores for Natural Elements; Incivilities and Nuisance; Navigation and Mobility and Territorial Functioning and a final OPERAT score for a postcode. If you are scoring by hand (manually), then work your way across the sheet following the instructions for each item: assign a value to the observation that you made, perform any calculations that the item may require, code if necessary, and multiply the score by the weighting value.

Alternatively, for a simpler automated version, use the form below to calculate the scores for the subscales and a final OPERAT score for a postcode:

Older People's External Residential Assessment Tool: OPERAT

This form should only be used in conjunction with the OPERAT tool and Manual, or after OPERAT training (in person or online).

* = Required field

The scores for the OPERAT domains and overall scores will be generated automatically when you have filled in the form above.

You can now either submit the form to Swansea University by clicking on the button below, print out the form to upload the data to the OPERAT website, or clear the form and start again.


For futher information about OPERAT please contact Professor Vanessa Burholt at the Centre for Innovative Ageing, Swansea University

Email: OPERAT@swansea.ac.uk